Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ring in the New Year

Wave - Terror of the Sea SKETCH- By: Christopher Taylor

Wave - Terror of the Sea - By: Christopher Taylor

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Don't Drop the Gifts! (NEO|ARK)- By: Christopher Taylor

Watched a lot of EYESHIELD 21 lately, and was inspired by one of their illustrations to do this! Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dreams are sometimes cool.

Mystery of the Nebeliges - By: Christopher Taylor

~On the fastest train in the world, three girls control all the lies within. What you see, think, feel and even smell. It's another world on rails, and one man wants to get to the bottom of it all. Kei-on rides the rails of the Nebeliges to discover the secret world hidden within.

Really...this dream rocked.

Monday, December 6, 2010


I'll Teach You Magic! ( Chrono Trigger Fanart)- By: Christopher Taylor

Results of Livestream, even though the capture didn't get everything. (Sorry about that...)

Thursday, December 2, 2010


WARM GLOVES GET! (Megaman Parody) - By: Christopher Taylor


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

From the girls

Experienced Novice (Relic Hunter: Riven)- By: Christopher Taylor
Experienced Novice SKETCH- By: Christopher Taylor

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Working hard

I've been busy doing some projects and getting some projects, as well as the day job.

How hard you say? Take a look...

The longer is a freshly bought Blue Colored Pencil....
The next is after a week...
The shortest is after two weeks...

So far this month...I've owned 3 Blue Pencils.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Remember this: SKETCHFro! The T-SHIRT?!

Well, since 5 people posted, I though it might be fun to go ahead and show you all this....

That's right, I made it into a shirt. But oh, what's that behind me?

A Second Shirt is up for grabs in the SKETCHFro! T-SHIRT CONTEST!!
Those who want to enter, must draw a Fan-art consisting of one or more characters from one of my series. The Artwork will be collected and voted on by yours truly. The winner will receive the T-Shirt signed by me as well! (...what an honor). It will be mailed to the winner, so go ahead and get those pencils moving!

For More info on my characters or series, just check out this Bloggasaurous or my Deviantart.

Und für mein Deutsche Freunds, können Sie auch auf ANIMEXX SKETCHFro! Gucken.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Revamps

Guitar Solo Girl (Version 2)- By: Christopher Taylor

Guitar Solo Girl (Version 2 Sketch) - By: Christopher Taylor

You can see the first version here: Guitar Solo Girl Version 1

Monday, October 25, 2010

Winter is the Theme Part 1

The Dig on Mt. Tidia (Relic Hunter: Riven) -By:Christopher Taylor

The Dig on Mt. Tidia (Relic Hunter: Riven) SKETCH -By:Christopher Taylor

Thinking of my characters in winter themes. Started with Riven because the world is a wasteland, so there's only one place in the world that can manifest snow, and that's up-top the snowy mountain of Tidia. Enjoy!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

More to Come

Desktop Screenshot!

Some New Relic Hunter: Riven comin' to you soon!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Another Remake!

Glenn and Luna (Version 2 -2006) By: Christopher Taylor
Glenn and Luna REDUX - By: Christopher Taylor

Friday, October 8, 2010


SKETCHFro!! Self portrait- By: Christopher Taylor

So, it's come to my attention that some people really like my self portrait. Some have even stated, they would totally wear this image as a shirt.

SO, here's the deal! At least 10 people must post here and demand this image as a T-SHIRT!

Then I'll make it happen!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


(Hopefully) working on a project with the Leader of BSP ( Broken Souls Press) for a short comic that takes place in the world of RIFTS. If you don't know what RIFTS is, check out this link:

But I was given permission to show off one of the pages, so I am! Hope you all like!
RIFTS Short Story (Writer : Curtis Lawson) Drawn by: Christopher Taylor

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When your sick and down you have to draw them all on paper...

Magick vs. The Brute (NEO|ARK) - By: Christopher Taylor
Magick vs. The Brute SKETCH (NEO|ARK) - By: Christopher Taylor

This is what I do when I'm sick...
Das ist was ich tun wenn ich bin Krank...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ode to the Past

A Man and His gun -2010 Version- (Relic Hunter:RIVEN)- By:Christopher Taylor
Original Award Winning Digital Illustration from Phoenix Anime Convention: A Man and His Gun (Relic Hunter: RIVEN)-By: Christopher Taylor

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Collection of Sketches from my time away

Sonic the Hedgehog running (Marker Comp)- By: Christopher Taylor
Plant Observation #2 - By: Christopher TaylorPlant Observation #1 - By: Christopher Taylor
A Jedi (Marker Test)- By: Christopher Taylor
Capitan Wave and her Crew - By: Christopher Taylor
SKETCHFro! Sketchbook Collection #2 - By: Christopher Taylor
SKETCHFro! Sketchbook Collection #2 - By: Christopher Taylor

So, after a nice time in Bavaria, I did a lot of sketching and drawing and coloring with markers. Man, do I love those markers. You get to see SOME of the Marker works I did, but not all of them! Check out some of the craziness that went through my head and onto the pages of my sketchbook. Next post, more marker work and some other images!


So, mein zeit im Bayern ist fertig! Ich habe viel Skizzen gemacht, und habe viel gemacht mit Markers auch! Mann, liebe ich diese markers! Du kannst ein bisschen Bildern sehen jetzt, aber nicht alles! Glucken aus was liegt im mein Kopf und zu mein Blätter im mein Skizzenbuch! Als Nächstes mal, mehr marker Arbeit und andere Bilder!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I'm going on a bit of a vacation. Lot's of Lots of Sketching and Marker renditions will occur while I'm out. This time, when I get back I'll probably just shoot to upload the hold bunch of sketchbook pages. Look out for me in two weeks! SKETCHFro! out!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More from the Wasteland! Part 2

Relic Tower of the Goddess (RELIC HUNTER: Riven)- By: Christopher Taylor
Relic Tower of the Goddess SKETCH (RELIC HUNTER: Riven)- By: Christopher Taylor

Refining the RELIC HUNTER: Riven pitch, answering question about the story and characters, defining the world, animals, and terrain...I think I'm about ready to send this thing off.

If any of my NEO|ARK fans are checking this out, and have paid attention to the story and BG, you'll know where Riven is right now.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sloooow day

Light Wolf - 2010(NEO|ARK) - By: Christopher Taylor

Slow and hot outside. Got a bit of a drawing done and now back to some house work. Been refining RELIC HUNTER: Riven before it gets sent out. So look out for some news soon.

Monday, July 12, 2010

More from the Wasteland!

Something lost, Something Found (Relic Hunter: Riven) - By: Christopher Taylor

Something lost, Something Found SKETCH (Relic Hunter: Riven) - By: Christopher Taylor

So, after a nice weekend alone, I had a lot of time to do some drawing and work on Relic Hunter: Riven. Just some spit shine to something that is hopefully a good story. Did this piece in the process. Yuna, a prospective Princess in the eyes of the followers of the Aasi Empire.

Wanna know more? Keep up support for RELIC HUNTER: Riven!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fariytale Illustration #2 Finished

Little Red and the Big Wolf - By: Christopher Taylor
Little Red and the Big Wolf Sketch - By: Christopher Taylor

Finished illustration from yesterday's Livestream. Thanks to a lovely error I wasn't able to finish the image over Livestream, but enjoy the finished product!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

LIVESTREAM Fariytale Illustration #2 - Part 1

Litte Red and the Bad Old Wolf (W.I.P.) - By: Christopher Taylor

Part One of this illustration is finished. Hopefully this weekend after work I'll be able to crash down on the rest.

Be sure to check out SKETCHFro!! EATS LIVESTREAM! To see me working on this part!

Watch live streaming video from sketchfro at

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Aimed at the Heart (RELIC HUNTER: Riven)- By: Christopher Taylor
Aimed at the Heart (RELIC HUNTER: Riven Sketch)- By: Christopher Taylor

The pitch is finished, the comic is finished. Time to celebrate the time of submission sending!

Relic Hunter: Riven is the story of a young man who is searching for his lost past, only for him to discover it might be a past worth leaving in the dust.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Marker Works!

Preparing for the Dig (Relic Hunter:RIVEN)- By: Christopher Taylor
Hurt on the Job (Relic Hunter:RIVEN)- By: Christopher Taylor


Ja, ich habe für sechs Monats probieren diese ALPHA Design Markers, und Sie sind sehr gut! Ich hatte angst über "COPIC" und mochte nicht kaufen weil es ist so teuer! Nur für Eine auch! Aber diese product sind gut, wenig billiger als COPIC aber die Qualität sind perfekt! Hier sind zwei Bilder ich habe gemacht mit Färber Marker, und Bleistift!

And English!

Yeah, so for six months I've tested these ALPHA Design Markers and they are actually very good! I was afraid to start using "COPIC" markers (cause they're the popular brand, and I'm the kinda guy to go against popular COOL! Not really but anyway...) and I didn't want to buy them because they're so expensive! Even for one! But this product line is actually really good, a bit less expensive as the COPIC brand but the quality is perfect! Here are two illustrations I made using the markers and pencil!

Whoo...mouthfull....Now to work!

Be sure to Check out DEVIANTART for my work, and the SKETCHFro's DA Portfolio!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Just some more Sketches!

Juri Super Street Fighter IV Sketch- By: Christopher Taylor
TIN-TIN Art Jam -By: Christopher Taylor
TIN-TIN Art Jam Sketch- By: Christopher Taylor

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mucha Mucha!

Goddess Moon and Star - Mucha Styled- By: Christopher Taylor

So, I've been in a MUCHA mood and I decided to reference one of Mucha's Illustrations for one of my own. I took the Goddess of the Moon and Guardia and put them in a Mucha style. I'll be referencing his photo a bit, but I think the color scheme will be different. ( Illumina loves Pink!)

Anyway, good news for those that follow in the comic side of SKETCHFro....The First Chapter of Relic Hunter: Riven is finished! It's time to pitch! The next comic to shoot to finish is Where the Wind Takes Us... and hopefully it will not take as much time as Riven has, but the story is a bit more simpler then Riven also.

For those of you who don't know anything about Riven, here is my current pitch line:

Relic Hunter: Riven is the story of a young man who is searching for his lost past, only for him to discover it might be a past worth leaving in the dust.

Ok, next time...more on Riven's future and Where the Wind Takes Us!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Background Practice #1

Passerby SKETCH - By: Christopher Taylor
Passerby- BG Study - By: Christopher Taylor

It's been a while since I posted anything up here. I've been working on this piece for a few months and it's finally finished! Let me know what you think!


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Pierre-Yves Lapointe Brisson- Pixel Characters for Browser Game

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Patrick Sessoms - 8 Paged Pitch Package with Cover

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Kristopher Waddell - 5 Paged Pitch Package

Description: Added colors and set mood to illustrators inked paged for a 5 paged pitch comic. Coloring was done in Photoshop.

James Ives - Wedding Illustration

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Alex - Console Dealer- Mascot Design

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Curtis Lawson - History of Comics - Day of Comics Museum comic

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COZMIC- Tattoo design

Description: Design a memorable tattoo design from popular game Character Mario for the client. Sketches made, then pencil work and inked before brought into photoshop for color.

Marc Dahlem- Cartoon Book Project- Zeusinger

Description: Created illustrations to go along with a Germany Humor book to be pitched to publishers. Designed characters, sketched, penciled and inked illustrations before brought into Photoshop for final edits.

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Anthro-Furry Character- Action Illustration B&W

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Alessandra Davola- Fairy Tale Illustration

Description: Created an illustration based on a description for personal collection.

Drew the rough draft, then penciled the image for scanning and colored on the computer.

Cory de la Guardia- Zuda Comics Contest/Pitch Entry- Minimum Wage

Position: Pencilist/ Inker/ Colorist & Lettering

Description: Created an 8 Screen Pitch entry to Zuda Comics for Cory de la Guardia’s Minimum Wage. Designed characters from reference photos, rough pages, pencils and inks, then scanned into PC for Color and Lettering layout.

Greg Wilkinson- Mascot for Website

Position: Mascot Designer-Graphic Design

Description: Designed a Mascot for used on music web space from a design the client had originally created. Mascot was drawn, colored and optimized for use on the web.

Todd Guilmette- CD Album Booklet Artwork

Position: Graphic Designer for Album Book

Description: Designed Music CD album artwork for the client’s second music cd. Booklet included Visible Cover and back cover containing the client’s personal character. Style Matched main character into a created BG from description, inked then scanned into PC for color editing. Client ended up not using in the final product, however services were paid for.

White Eye Studio-Lawrence White- Colorist for Comics

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Cotton Snourth- Maglenda’s Errand Girls-Manga Comic Pitch

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Mark Krasovickis- Sample Colored Comic for Website

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Description: Created a 5 page sample comic in color with cover for use for a freelancing Comic artist web space. Comic will be seen as an example of what the website is set out to do, which can be seen here .

Sebastian Blasiak- Kidslab- Character Designs and Illustration

Position: Character Designer- Illustrator

Description: Created and Designed Characters for use in an Educational Project about water aimed for Children aged 7-9. Characters were then set in a illustration that would be used for the final presentation of the project.

Broken Souls Press-Short Story Comic- Donald Black

Position: Pencilist/Inker/Toner/Layout & Lettering

Description: Based of a story from a writer under BSP label, Curtis Lawson gave me the script to fully illustrate 10 comic pages to be used in an Anthology devoted to Horror stories as well as a magazine for horror comics.

Brian McKee- Book Cover

Position: Illustrator/ Cover Design

Description: Designed cover for book of short stories entitled “At the Gates of Heaven and other Short Stories” and for “Krishna in the Park- Selections from the diary of Carol Sheaves”. Books can be seen here:

Christopher Rama Rao- Web-comic

Position: Concept Artist/ Pencils/ Inker/ Colorist

Description: Work on comic panels for online comic. Design Characters and backgrounds while applying them to script that was provided. A panel every week.


Rob Giorgio- 360ep, Inc

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Antoine Dillard- Hardcore (Website)

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Mark Tioxon- Getting Girls the Anime Way (Book and website)

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Mangamix Studios- Team MAXIMUM

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Project: Bladeslinger

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Position: Character Artist

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Glen L. Down Elementary School Festival

Position: Caricature Artist

Description: As the day progressed, I was hired to draw paying customer’s

portraits in my style of art.


2 publication pieces in DOT, DOT, DOT magazine 2001-2002

Best of Show: Phoenix Anime Convention

Awarded for digital Artwork: A man and his Gun

Books and Publications:

Künstler und andere Nervensägen : Written by Dr. Michael Dahlem

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Final Hour : Various Artist and Writers

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Mysterious Visions: Volume 3: The Essex- Story by: Curtis Lawson, Illustrations by: Christopher Taylor

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Manga/comic: NEO|ARK Volume one

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Endless Journeys: Book of published photographers work published.

My work: “The Falconer” ISBN: 0-7951-5247-7