Thursday, December 22, 2011

Finished one at least!

Relic Hunter: Riven Ad-page- By: Christopher Taylor

Given inspiration from a cigarette ad. Thought I could use their layout in some way...but dunno if I did better Justice to that layout then they did. Graphic Design isn't my thing!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Quick, Quicker, Quickies

Raging Dinos Sketch - By: Christopher Taylor
Raging Dinos - By: Christopher Taylor

Ich habe nur zeit für kurz Skizze und kolorieren.
I only have time for short sketches and colorings.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jumping at you!!

Rockin' out! SKETCH - By: Christopher Taylor
Rockin' out! By: Christopher Taylor

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Didja miss Glenn...?

Elf of the Wind/Earth Tribe- By: Christopher Taylor
Elf of the Wind/Earth Tribe SKETCH- By: Christopher Taylor

I sure did! Another Quickie!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just a quickie!

Rouge Sketch: By- Christopher Taylor
Rouge Class Female: By- Christopher Taylor

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Uncrossable Terrain

Lost Plains of Strom (RH:Riven)- By: Christopher Taylor
Lost Plains of Strom SKETCH- By: Christopher Taylor

Monday, October 17, 2011

Partners in Arms

A Partnership Growing- By: Christopher Taylor

Just a quicky! Wanted to put up something!

When I'm not posting personal projects...

I'm working on freelance like crazy!

Here's an example of one of my smaller projects gone live! SAGUENAY

The Character you see plaster through the website, is made by yours truely! A SKETCHFro! Original! (Well, the client guided me so not really original but, you get my point!)

New stuff WILL come soon, I just need some time for it!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Woes of Self-Publishing

I totally forgot about the old NEO|ARK books, and that they have been online for quite a while now. Actually, my account just got upgraded and I'm being spotlighted.

Take a look at the previous NEO|ARK version, because soon, I'll be upgrading it! Maybe other comics might appear here too.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sketches Sketches

ONI DUKE - Sketch - By: Christopher Taylor

Just a sketch of something upcoming for "Where the Wind Takes Us..." Chapter 3.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sketches made Perfect

Close Range Sketch- By: Christopher Taylor
Close Range Cover mockup- By: Christopher Taylor
Close Range Cover textless version- By: Christopher Taylor

If I could create a Manga...

Magical Manga Pool Aces! - By: Christopher Taylor

Mein Kollege und ich spielen Pool ganz viel, und er hat diese Spezieller Schuss das ich habe ein Namen gegeben. Baby's Hand. Letzest mal wir haben gespielt, ich dachte, wie das ist als wir Manga Charakter sind? Und hab ich das gemacht!
My Colleague and I play Pool alot, and he has this special shot that I gave a name to. Baby's Hand. Last time we played, I thought, how would it be if we were Manga Characters? And, I made this!

Hope ya' like it!

Monday, August 1, 2011

What you do when you cannot sleep...

COLOR STUDY- You've been had! ( RH: Riven) Sketch-By: Christopher Taylor
COLOR STUDY- You've been had! ( RH: Riven)-By: Christopher Taylor

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Legend of Experimental Styles!

Legend of Zelda- Ocarina of Time Fanart - By: Christopher Taylor

LoZ-OoT Progress work and Sketch- By: Christopher Taylor

Experimental style done for a Fanart for Legend of Zelda. I've been playing the new 3DS version for a while now. I love Zelda!
Experimentelle stil erfolgt für ein Legend of Zelda Fanart. Ich spiele jetzt die neue 3DS version und habe ich viele spass da mit! Ich liebe Zelda!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Been a a fantasy land called the WORLD!

Fantasialand Fariy (Fee)- By: Christopher TaylorSKETCH Fantasialand Fariy - By: Christopher Taylor

Reference Photo! - Taken by: Christopher Taylor

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Nyomi Pointed! - By: Christopher Taylor
Study Image- Mari Illustrious

Bit of Reference work/practice. Really liked this desktop photo, so I wanted to do something similar. So I used Nyomi to do a study. Hope you like it!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Many Many Happy Birthdays!

Just a collection of the Birthday Photographs I've done since late last year. Though it would be nice to have it up for them, except one person hasn't received theirs yet, so they get a "?".

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Anguish - Process Piece for Frame

Anguish - By: Christopher Taylor
Anguish ( Double Photos) By: Christopher Taylor

Found this awesomely cheep frame at IKEA and decided to make a piece for it. Sketched on the bus this morning and finished about 10-15 minutes ago. I hope you guys like it! Now to try to get some work done.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just excuse the absence for a bit...

HEADBUTT!! (RH:R) - By: Christopher Taylor

~ With the rage building up inside him, he grabbed the arms dealer, and thrusted his head into his. Nothing says hatred like a headbutt, Riven thought to himself. The blood scar that will definitely be left behind will teach him not to screw over a Relic Hunter...and his will tell them he's not anyone to be messed with. ~

Sorry everyone, lots of things happening so hopefully I'll be able to concentrate on everything better. For now, a sketch of something I've wanted to do something like this.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Everyone needs a friend

Catching a Drink (RH:Riven) SKETCH- By: Christopher Taylor
Catching a Drink (RH:R)- By: Christopher Taylor

In the eastern sands of the Scrosi Desert, there lies one of many old and destroyed buildings, hanging onto life in the world. One in particular is an old tavern that tries to maintain the customs of the world before it. Many of the diggers and hunters of the area gather here at night to let go of some steam from the hot desert days. Among them, two old acquaintances meet for a drink to discuss the way of the world in Guardia, and maybe cooperate for a job or two...


Deutsche (Tut mir leid ;______;)----------------------------------------------------

In den Ostsanden der Scrosi Wüste, liegt eins vieler alten und zerstörten Gebäude und hängt auf das Leben der Welt. Eins ist insbesondere eine alte Taverne, die versucht, die Gewohnheiten der Welt vor ihm beizubehalten. Viele der Gräber und der Jäger des Bereiches treten hier nachts zusammen, um etwas Dampf von den heißen. Unter ihnen treffen sich zwei alte Bekannte für ein Getränk, um die Methode der Welt in Guardia zu behandeln und arbeiten möglicherweise für einen Job oder zwei....

We all need a break right?

Smoke Break SKETCH-By: Christopher Taylor

Smoke Break (RH:R)-By: Christopher Taylor

Monday, February 28, 2011

Just a little something...

Traumatized ( Based off a Dream )- By: Christopher Taylor

Just a random page from one of my favorite parts of a really scary dream. I love the protagonist's thought of " one ever takes me seriously." It just happens so often.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Let me strike a note to your heart!

Gutair Solo Girl 3 Sketch - By: Christopher Taylor

Gutair Solo Girl 3- By: Christopher Taylor

I really am growing fond of this character. Happy V-Day Everyone!!


Christopher R. Taylor - Illustration and Comics


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The Art Institute of Philadelphia/ The Art Institute of Phoenix July 2002 - September 2005

Major: Media Arts & Animation Degree: Bachelor of Arts for Media Arts & Animation

Graduated with Honors

Professional Qualifications:

Computer Skills: Flash (Good), Photoshop (Very Good), Premiere (Good), After Effects (Good), 3D Studio Max (Good), Maya (Good), Microsoft Office (Good)

Customer Service Skills: Good audible voice along with clear and proper grammar pronunciation, friendly, inviting, able to handle various situations as well as stressful encounters with customers.

Freelance Project History:



Pierre-Yves Lapointe Brisson- Pixel Characters for Browser Game

Description: Created villain and hero characters for a browser game. Designed characters on paper, then re-created pixel characters in Photoshop. Pixel sheets were created there and then animated by using FLASH.

Steven First- Texture Edits for Model

Description: Client had created textures for models that needed fixing. Readjusted texture and designs to fit the models. Editing was done in Photoshop.

Windmill Games- Sven- Concept Art for Online MMORPG

Description: Designed characters, starting clothing, Mafia clothing, villains and main city for studios use to develop 3D models of the concepts. Sketched characters, penciled, inked and then colored in photoshop.


Gameforge Studios GmbH- Internet Advertisement Banners

Position: Designer

Description: Created a set of 7 web banners for one of the studio’s popular game series using stock imagery and FLASH to help arrange and design.


Illustration and Design:


DORMWORLD – Storyboards for short animation

Description: Created 8 page, 4 panel storyboards for use for a short animation. Drew pages and then scanned into Photoshop for final edits and text matching.


Mark Krasovicki- Russian Training Manual Comic

Description: Created a 55 page Comic detailing the tasks of a Waiter/Waitress at the Temple Bar in Russia. Drew comic with pencil, then scanned into Photoshop for inking and editing. Added Russian text and word bubbles afterwards.

James Kershaw – 2 Mascot Designs

Description: Designed and Created 2 mascots based off of clients descriptions. Drawn, edited and colored in Photoshop.

Ron Brouwers – Professional Gaming Logo

Description: Created 2 logos for a professional gaming group for RTS games. Designed logo on paper, then scanned final work into Photoshop for coloring and editing. Lettering was applied through Illustrator and edits in Photoshop.

Pierre-Yves Lapointe Brisson – End Smoking Mascot

Description: Created a personal mascot for a quit smoking campaign. Designed, illustrated and colored in Photoshop.

Channel M- Princess Lucinda Short Comic

Description: Created short 10 page black and white comic for use by Channel M for their ongoing Heroine, Princess Lucinda. Created rough sketches and full illustrated pages digitally through Photoshop.

Antoine Dillard - Website - Hardcore Animation

Description: Redesigned and coded website using Flash. Designed, illustrated and coded complete layout for website. Can be seen at

Patrick Sessoms - 8 Paged Pitch Package with Cover

Description: Created a 8 page comic with cover for a pitch package. Drew pages with pencil, inks added and then scanned pages into Photoshop for retouching and adding letters and bubbles.

Kristopher Waddell - 5 Paged Pitch Package

Description: Added colors and set mood to illustrators inked paged for a 5 paged pitch comic. Coloring was done in Photoshop.

James Ives - Wedding Illustration

Description: Created Illustration based upon the Client and his wife for use on their wedding invitations. Drawing was created from photo reference, then brought into Photoshop to finish line-work, and color.

Alex - Console Dealer- Mascot Design

Description: Client wanted Mascots to help advertise their website for games. Designed sketches from descriptions, then made final line-art and colors in Photoshop.

Pinup Illustrations- Sexy Nuns

Description: Designed 2 illustrations for use in a collection of "Sexy Nun" drawings and illustrations to be sold. Sketched, then digitally inked and grayscale colored in Photoshop.

Curtis Lawson - History of Comics - Day of Comics Museum comic

Description: Created 2 pages in my style for used in a collected anthology comic of various artist about the history of comic books.

COZMIC- Tattoo design

Description: Design a memorable tattoo design from popular game Character Mario for the client. Sketches made, then pencil work and inked before brought into photoshop for color.

Marc Dahlem- Cartoon Book Project- Zeusinger

Description: Created illustrations to go along with a Germany Humor book to be pitched to publishers. Designed characters, sketched, penciled and inked illustrations before brought into Photoshop for final edits.

Celtic Minstrel- Web-comic- Trillium School of the Art

Description: Weekly web-comic for Created characters from clients description and sketch and pencil pages for the web-comic weekly. Drawn then colors pages. Edits made in Photoshop.

Anthro-Furry Character- Action Illustration B&W

Description: Designed the clients character for use in story/website. Sketched, penciled and then greyscale colored in Photoshop.

Zach - Black and White Character Illustration- Collection Website

Description: Commissioned to draw clients character in my own style for presentation on a collection website gallery. Sketched, penciled and inked the illustration before final edits were created in Photoshop.


Tone Chambers- Dr. Dre Illustration for Inspired Music CD

Description: Illustrated a cover for the design of Music inspired by the music artist Dr. Dre. Illustration was drawn, and then imported to Photoshop for color.

Yann Lülfz – Logo for local Member Group

Description: Design and created logo for use of a Members group. Logo will be used for stickers, advertisements and other assorted material for use in the group. Designed fully in Photoshop.

Will Beatman- Flash Animation for Website/ Spinning Record on Projector

Description: Created a short, repeating flash animation for use on a new website called “VIBE & SYNC”. The projector and spinning reel were to match the logo for the site in colors. Transferred logo into Flash and designed 2 projectors for the client to choose from. Once one was chosen, I animated the spinning film reel and movie reel onto it and added the logo of the site to the record.

Alessandra Davola- Fairy Tale Illustration

Description: Created an illustration based on a description for personal collection.

Drew the rough draft, then penciled the image for scanning and colored on the computer.

Cory de la Guardia- Zuda Comics Contest/Pitch Entry- Minimum Wage

Position: Pencilist/ Inker/ Colorist & Lettering

Description: Created an 8 Screen Pitch entry to Zuda Comics for Cory de la Guardia’s Minimum Wage. Designed characters from reference photos, rough pages, pencils and inks, then scanned into PC for Color and Lettering layout.

Greg Wilkinson- Mascot for Website

Position: Mascot Designer-Graphic Design

Description: Designed a Mascot for used on music web space from a design the client had originally created. Mascot was drawn, colored and optimized for use on the web.

Todd Guilmette- CD Album Booklet Artwork

Position: Graphic Designer for Album Book

Description: Designed Music CD album artwork for the client’s second music cd. Booklet included Visible Cover and back cover containing the client’s personal character. Style Matched main character into a created BG from description, inked then scanned into PC for color editing. Client ended up not using in the final product, however services were paid for.

White Eye Studio-Lawrence White- Colorist for Comics

Position: Flatter and Colorist

Description: Flatted and added color detail to comics being published by the Indie Comic label White Eye Studio. Preview of Comic can be seen here

Cotton Snourth- Maglenda’s Errand Girls-Manga Comic Pitch

Position: Pencilist/Inker/ Color Grayscale & Lettering

Description: Created a 6 page pitch comic for Louis Badalament’s Maglenda’s Errand Girls. Created Character Designs, layout pages, penciled and inked pages, then scanned into the PC

Mark Krasovickis- Sample Colored Comic for Website

Position: Pencilist/Inker/ Color & Lettering

Description: Created a 5 page sample comic in color with cover for use for a freelancing Comic artist web space. Comic will be seen as an example of what the website is set out to do, which can be seen here .

Sebastian Blasiak- Kidslab- Character Designs and Illustration

Position: Character Designer- Illustrator

Description: Created and Designed Characters for use in an Educational Project about water aimed for Children aged 7-9. Characters were then set in a illustration that would be used for the final presentation of the project.

Broken Souls Press-Short Story Comic- Donald Black

Position: Pencilist/Inker/Toner/Layout & Lettering

Description: Based of a story from a writer under BSP label, Curtis Lawson gave me the script to fully illustrate 10 comic pages to be used in an Anthology devoted to Horror stories as well as a magazine for horror comics.

Brian McKee- Book Cover

Position: Illustrator/ Cover Design

Description: Designed cover for book of short stories entitled “At the Gates of Heaven and other Short Stories” and for “Krishna in the Park- Selections from the diary of Carol Sheaves”. Books can be seen here:

Christopher Rama Rao- Web-comic

Position: Concept Artist/ Pencils/ Inker/ Colorist

Description: Work on comic panels for online comic. Design Characters and backgrounds while applying them to script that was provided. A panel every week.


Rob Giorgio- 360ep, Inc

Position: Illustrator

Description: Worked on two projects within the company and designed characters for use on t-shirts and websites.

Antoine Dillard- Hardcore (Website)

Position: Web Designer

Description: Designed and created interactive website for display at Hardcore Website designed and created in Flash.

Mark Tioxon- Getting Girls the Anime Way (Book and website)

Position: Concept Artist/ Lead Artist

Description: Designed and created the cover image for the book in use of sales. Also will be used as graphics for the website.

Mangamix Studios- Team MAXIMUM

Position: Illustrator

Description: Redesign characters for use in a poster to advertise for their comic. Designed poster for production and distribution for promotion purposes.

Arizona Independent Animation Project

Position: Concept Artist/Lead Artist

Description: Designed characters within one of the studio’s main animation projects. Also designed promotions and album covers for distribution at Conventions.


Sean Allan: Music DJ

Position: Album cover designer

Description: Designed an album cover for his next music collection album.

Willow Cottage Studios

Position: Lead Artist

Description: Character Design for lead character in production. In process of working on Storyboards for script.

Project: Bladeslinger

Description: 8 Paged pitch comic for Ken Faggio. Created Character Design, penciled and inked pages, toned and texted pages.


Position: Character Artist

Description: Have drawn various characters for use on web space on


Glen L. Down Elementary School Festival

Position: Caricature Artist

Description: As the day progressed, I was hired to draw paying customer’s

portraits in my style of art.


2 publication pieces in DOT, DOT, DOT magazine 2001-2002

Best of Show: Phoenix Anime Convention

Awarded for digital Artwork: A man and his Gun

Books and Publications:

Künstler und andere Nervensägen : Written by Dr. Michael Dahlem

Link to page:

Final Hour : Various Artist and Writers

Link to page:

Mysterious Visions: Volume 3: The Essex- Story by: Curtis Lawson, Illustrations by: Christopher Taylor

-Link to page:

Manga/comic: NEO|ARK Volume one

Link to page:

Endless Journeys: Book of published photographers work published.

My work: “The Falconer” ISBN: 0-7951-5247-7